Titanium Capital Investments Ltd. has been established for over 10 years. We are a global investment group, headquartered in the EU in Malta, with additional offices in the UK, Switzerland, Asia and Africa. We specialize in making primary and co-investments with our clients, in both private equity and venture capital transactions, in which our partnership of syndicated investors usually assume the controlling position.

Our primary foci are to identify the risk exposure for our proprietary and client capital in different timeframes; to identify exceptional investment opportunities and people in relevant investment areas that can truly generate exceptional risk adjusted returns as measured by opportunity cost of illiquidity; and to be at the forefront of structural and seismic changes in any given sector, consistent with our macroeconomic and geopolitical analysis and forecasts.

We identify leading edge private equity/venture capital and seed stage investment opportunities in advanced and emerging economies to provide growth capital, where fear or ignorance are skewed relative to the timing; to realize the opportunity, once political or economic or project change has occurred but pricing has not yet adjusted; where final demand will be driven more by need than want or greed.

We are currently focused on global investment opportunities in electric vehicles, healthcare products and manufacturing, global freight and transport and medical devices and manufacturing, and in commercial and prime residential real estate in the UK and EU

Titanium Capital - A Private Capital Investment and Advisory Office

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Property Acquisition and Advisory

Titanium Capital invests in private, residential top class homes in the prime UK real estate sector. We also consider co-investment with clients. Occasionally, we advise clients on assessing value to price acquisitions, engage in the purchase negotiations on our clients behalf, supply the necessary accountancy and legal expertise, and provide the knowledge and inside information that we have gathered as principals and experts. Typically, we act as a principal.


We are focused in both venture philanthropic and commercial investment in the healthcare sector generally and in the production and distribution of innovative medical robotic devices, where there have been no therapeutic advances for some time. For example, having identified the major barriers to progress, we established a specialist brain cancer clinic and research institute in Europe on a charitable basis, and will be extending this expertise to China, where patient volumes, drastically lower costs, a supportive regulatory environment and top class medical expertise reside. We have invested in businesses in medical device distribution and manufacturing in the UK

Wealth Management and Private Banking

 We continue to seek to acquire small, boutique wealth management companies, and upgrade the standard and expanse of support for the existent clients. Ultra-high net worth clients do not value information from unproven private bankers. They want to reside in a circle of financial security and success, one of innovative information, where investment origination offers value, where ideas are original, where answers are more intelligent, and where there is nothing being sold to them. Titanium Capital’s Private Office brings clients together when requested for co-investment opportunities, in which we can also co-invest whenever there are no conflicts with our clients.