Titanium Capital Investments Ltd. has been established for over 20 years. We are a global investment group, headquartered in the EU in Malta, with additional offices in the UK, Switzerland, Asia and Africa. We specialise in making primary and partnership co-investments, sometimes in partnership, in private equity and venture capital, in which our partnership assumes controlling positions.

Our primary focus is to identify the risk exposure for our capital in different timeframes; to identify exceptional investment opportunities and people in relevant investment areas that can truly generate exceptional risk adjusted returns as measured by opportunity cost of illiquidity; and to be at the forefront of structural and seismic changes in any given sector, consistent with our macroeconomic and geopolitical analysis and forecasts. 

We identify leading edge private equity investment opportunities in advanced and emerging economies at an early stage, when fear or ignorance are skewed relative to the timing; to realise the opportunity, once political or economic or project change has occurred but pricing has not yet adjusted; where final demand will be driven more by need than want or greed. 

We are currently focused on global investment opportunities in healthcare, specifically in brain cancer; in large investment grade diamonds as an alternative currency to cash, gold and crypto; in residential real estate in London, and acquisition opportunities in wealth management and private banking. 

Our groundbreaking approach to brain cancer therapy focuses not on device or drug discovery, but on improving therapeutic results for both children and adults in a sector which has seen no advance in life extension post diagnosis since data first began to be collected over 60 years ago. There has not been one successful clinical trial nor one additional day achieved in the length of mean overall survival timeframes in all that time.  We have invested in a brand new, world class brain cancer programme, combining a clinical centre of expertise and lab based research institute, working as one, to drive research into the clinic immediately, using combinations of drugs, via various delivery pathways including direct to the brain stem via catheters.  

Contact:  info@titaniumcapital.com